Abandoning (Anime Roleplay)
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A Member's Only Anime Roleplay. Many openings, character bg required.
This is a Member's Only Anime Roleplay. All original characters are welcome! <3 You can roleplay your favorite anime character here if you would like, but your background has to match the present story or you simply won't be allowed to play the character. A neatly-typed character background is required by e-mail to fiery_impassion@yahoo.com when you request to join the community. It doesn't have to be grammatically stunning, but it must be understandable and it must have a point. I'm not asking for appearances, although if you have a description and/or a picture that would greatly be appreciated. Please use normal online ettiquette. I'm not a moderator that's afraid to ban people so make your choices wisely. Most mods give three strikes. You get one second chance, not two.

The Story Background:

For the most part it develops as it goes. Work on character backgrounds for the main characters, Carnagine White and Frost Tsumoto, is being undertaken as we speak. These characters attend school at very rich and presitigous school (high school level) that as of right now is an unnamed Academy. If you have a good idea for a name, please e-mail me. The uniforms are dark blue and white. The school is in some random suburb of London, which is too unnamed and open to suggestion. XD The neighborhood is likewise filled with mansions and other rich properties, so there are many resources. Also it is not unusual to see helicopters, expensive cars, or limos shuttling people back and forth. The only "cheap" area to the city is located by the hotels, where moderately priced apartments rent to tourists and mostly seasonal visitors. People around here seem very business-like and competitive, either always on the go, or relaxing by fixating themselves on some private luxurious treasure. Please assume it's better if they don't know that you're secretly a superheo or are really an alien because I don't want the media to change the description of my setting so that I have to change it every 3 posts. If you would like to stage a run-in with the media I'm sure that is possible and likely probable, since there are so many rich people living in this particular neck of the woods. Future description will be added here, but for now this is all the bacground there is, so make use of this pretty open canvas!

The Rules:

1.) Each person has one character unless otherwise given permission by the moderators. Do NOT roleplay a character that's not yours. You can have conversations with other characters, but you must do it online, in agreement with the other players. If a post happens to end up in question I will assume guilt before innocence and simply delete it.

2.) Please attempt to use correct grammar because we want to understand what you write! Some cussing is allowed, but you might want to think about your typing if you have more than five bad words in one sentence. Please use moderation or you will be warned.

3.) No God-modding. We give you free reign to assume many things about the environment. Again, please use moderation.

4.) If you make a conversation between characters outside of livejournal then that chat must be changed so that it resembles a piece of writing. The goal is to make what happens be as realistic as possible so that it is believable and enjoyed as much as it can be.

5.) Once you are approved, please post your character background under a lj-cut, and make it friends-only. All other posts that involve actual in-character play can be posted publicly. Anything informative, related to, or out of character MUST be posted as friend's only. The only exception to this is if the moderators need to post something community-wide about an issue, but even then we will try to stick to the rules as much as the users do.

6.) All of the rules are subject to change and editting. If problems become consistant a new rule will go up, plain and simple.

Thanks for taking the time to read through all of the information. Now if you're ready for the next step, please request to join us! <3